PAXIO Employee Spotlight: Sylvia Mai

Sylvia Mai runs day-to-day financial functions related to billing, collection, recording, reporting, reconciliation, and analysis. She describes the company as meticulous, patient, and compassionate. She was originally drawn to PAXIO because of the different industry, work environment, and responsibilities she would find here. Her favorite part of her job is calculating, analyzing, and reconciling company reports. Due to her heavy workload, Sylvia is always looking for efficient ways to get work done — and she’s fine-tuning her training skills. Instead of providing answers/solutions to trainees right away, Sylvia asks the questions that lead to those answers/solutions. “By doing this, the trainee remembers things longer and figures things out faster next time,” she says. If she could switch jobs, Sylvia would be the Controller because she wants “the same type of work at a more challenging level.”

Sometimes, Sylvia’s job is challenging because she (a task finisher) depends on someone else (a task starter) to complete his or her part first. But at the end of the day, crunching the numbers, helping others do their jobs, and answering others’ questions makes the hard work rewarding. Sylvia has learned a multitude of skills from PAXIO including communication, analysis, flexibility, ability to wear multiple hats, decision-making, and problem-solving. Fitting pieces of the puzzle together every day is her favorite part of PAXIO. “I am continually learning. I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. I love the benefits and the team I work with,” she says. When Sylvia isn’t at work, she enjoys hiking and camping in the Redwoods and traveling around the world. She is very organized and — as a natural planner — skillfully balances family and work. “I set priorities and plan things in advance. I’ve learned to work smarter, maximize efficiency, and leave time and energy for my non-work interests,” she says.

We’re thankful you’re with us, Sylvia!

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