PAXIO Employee Spotlight: Samantha Edeen

Samantha Edeen, Construction Operations Manager (OSP), describes PAXIO as flexible, creative, and optimistic. Through each of her various roles at PAXIO — from Admin to Operations to HR and now Construction — Samantha has strengthened her knowledge and understanding of this industry and the business world as a whole. She notes that with PAXIO’s continual growth and constant need to adapt, it can be challenging to keep up. But the relationships she’s forged with coworkers, the benefits, and the flexibility makes her work more than worthwhile.

Samantha was drawn to PAXIO because of the small business atmosphere mixed with a strong decision-making agency and a corporate rulebook. Samantha remembers fondly a time when she and other team leaders crafted a small company retreat in Oakland where they focused on improving processes, communication, and operations. Learning more about what each team does day-to-day and having a chance to celebrate our employees was invaluable to Samantha.

Interestingly, Samantha’s whole family is in telecom, so she has instilled a family rule to regularly turn off phones, shut laptops, and get outside together without distractions. You can find her reading, cooking, hiking, camping, and sipping local craft beer or wine in the backyard on the weekends. From PAXIO, Samantha has gained lifelong friends and a wealth of knowledge. “I’m always learning! There’s never dull moment and always something new on the horizon.”

Thanks for sharing your mind and vibrant personality with us, Samantha!

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