PAXIO Partners

DERNetSoft – Energy Management and Sustainability

DERNetSoft turns your company’s electricity data into actionable cost-saving information. Energy data monitoring reveals opportunities to deploy assets and reduce peak demand and wasteful usage.

MyBundle.TV – Cord Cutting and Streaming Services

MyBundle.TV is here to help you navigate the changing TV world by simplifying and customizing the process. Based on your preferences, the Find My Bundle tool will figure out which Live TV streaming service is best for you, making the transition to streaming TV as seamless as can be. These streaming TV services include the live TV channels/content you are used to without out all the fluff you don’t want (they also eliminate the fees your cable company piles on!).

HubbleIQ Speed Testing & Intelligent Remote Connectivity Management

Automated tech support designed for remote consumers and organizations. HubbleIQ’s platform simplifies diagnosing and fixing WiFi and connectivity-related issues fast and easy.

FEI – Equity, Diversion, and Inclusion Consulting

Workforce resilience experts specializing in employee assistance programs, organizational development, workplace violence prevention and crisis management.

Connectbase – Location Engagement Platform

An industry platform for connectivity, cloud and communications that drives growth through location intelligence.