Business Connect

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What is Business Connect?

Fiber for free.

PAXIO’s Business Connect makes a building ready with the best infrastructure to every suite. Creating great value for building owners by eliminating connectivity concerns and delays for prospective tenants.

Yeah, you read that right. PAXIO installs your entire fiber infrastructure FOR FREE.

Now serving Oakland, Emeryville, & Berkeley.


What Are The Challenges?

The emergence of cloud, IoT and other always connected applications continues to drive the need for better connectivity and bandwidth in virtually every space, including commercial buildings and workplaces.

Fiber optic infrastructure is the solution, however getting truly connected is problematic – buildings and suites often have connectivity challenges, whereas fiber might be in the MPOE, but the suite leased has no access or 50 year old copper. PAXIO solves this with Business Connect.


What Are The Benefits?

Business Connect, powered by PAXIO, eliminates obstacles in attracting new tenants.

  • Scaleable 10G active service per suite
  • Reduces tenant uncertainty for connection and tech hurdles. Service is ready before move in
  • Immediate fiber service – simplifies tenant activation
  • Fiber ready suites attract tenants
  • Each tenant can utilize Dark Fiber or direct connect to any provider
  • Zero telecom worries for you and your tenants

The Internet Your Tenants Need



Since 2003, PAXIO has been the Bay Area’s fast, friendly, local fiber network. PAXIO has the experience to deliver and the fiber network in the ground to power Business Connect. With Business Connect, tenants can connect fast. Ultimately enabling building owners to close prospects faster and eliminate any technology delays on getting tenants in the building.

The Internet Your Tenants Want

Serving Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley


Why Do Tenants Want PAXIO?

  • Immediate and easy turn on
  • Live fiber connection pre-installed by PAXIO
  • 10G service ready BEFORE you move in
  • Dark Fiber or direct connect to any provider
  • Zero telecommunications worries – we’ve got you.

Are You Ready For PAXIO?

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