Company History

Since 2003, PAXIO’s mission has been to provide state-of-the-art dedicated fiber optic internet and fiber networks to Bay Area homes, businesses and buildings.

PAXIO fiber sets a new standard for internet service. Our home internet customers can get online faster than other ISPs – truly upgrading their internet experience. PAXIO enterprise and business fiber services offer reliable solutions, to power workforce needs now and in the future.

“PAXIO has long been building fiber in the Bay Area, with 120 route miles available in 2023. Our last mile services deliver speed and capacity to customers. We’re a leader in high speed connectivity. We focus purely on fiber-only networks.

We have presence in all major Bay Area data centers, to allow quality connectivity for enterprises and partners. We deliver services to 100 gig for last mile connectivity. We offer dark fiber, lit services, waves and dedicated fiber internet access.

We only service the Bay Area. We know our footprint well, an advantage for lead times and delivery. Unlike national ISPs, PAXIO provides a local hands-on team to engage in service installation and support.

While we focus on the last mile, we own fiber assets. Across the Bay Area, this ensures our data centers are redundant. We provide connections within and near our footprint.

Customers value our ability to build and connect in a timely manner. We leverage our fiber assets and fiber from partners. For 20 years, we have built fiber networks ourselves and for other carriers”

PAXIO CEO, Phillip Clark

Our Team's Mission
Our mission is to provide best-in-class, dedicated fiber optic internet that can withstand the ever increasing demands for speed and bandwidth, coupled with friendly, local client services to support all of our customer’s needs.
We at PAXIO believe our people are our greatest asset. Every role is vital to our success. We are a customer first company, dedicated to providing the best service and support possible.
  • Phillip Clark
  • Nelson Martinez
  • Andreas Glocker
  • Arian Barnett
    VP Finance
  • Diana Glocker