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Company history

Company History

Since 2003, PAXIO has been dedicated to providing state-of-the-art fiber optic networks to their customers, setting the new standard for internet connectivity. PAXIO enables home users to get online 100 times faster than standard services, allowing them to take advantage of the latest offerings on the Internet. PAXIO’s enterprise and small business services provides organizations faster data connections than ever before, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and meet their technology needs for today and the future.

Our Team's Mission
Our mission is to provide best-in-class, dedicated fiber optic internet that can withstand the ever increasing demands for speed and bandwidth, coupled with friendly, local client services to support all of our customer’s needs.
We at PAXIO believe our people are our greatest asset. Every role is vital to our success. We are a customer first company, dedicated to providing the best service and support possible.
  • Phillip Clark
  • Nelson Martinez
    General Manager
  • Jose Valdez
    Director of Operations
  • Arian Barnett
    Director of Finance
  • Casey Clark
    Director of Business Development