Test Internet Speed

Is Your Internet Speed Fast Enough?

100% Network Availability

Run a internet speed test to see what speeds you’re actually paying for. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) don’t market their upload speed. What you’ll see is the faster download speed promoted. Another common term used is fine print with “up to speeds”. This is mostly because many ISPs offer shared internet services, like cable. Or, they use outdated copper infrastructure to deliver service to your home, business or building. This means that internet speeds can slow to a crawl, during times of peak network congestion. Which is extremely frustrating for end users.

PAXIO believes there’s a better way to experience the true power of the Internet – dedicated fiber for all. Across our home fiber internet and business fiber internet services, we only provide and support dedicated fiber. This means no more slow connections or timeouts during peak usage times. And symmetric upload and download speeds, for a better internet experience.