PAXIO Employee Spotlight: Nelson Martinez

Let’s get to know Nelson Martinez, PAXIO General Manager. When Nelson was recruited to PAXIO, he was drawn to the challenge of restructuring the company to improve efficiencies and profitability while creating a world-class customer service experience. He describes the company as “dedicated, reliable, and diverse” and loves the culture of shared success most — the PAXIO belief that that the only way to be successful is to help others be successful. Like picking your favorite child, Nelson says he can’t choose just one favorite project. “They’re all different and important,” he says. From a career development standpoint, his time at PAXIO has reaffirmed that collaboration, transparency and inclusion is the right recipe to enhance employee engagement and moral.

If he could switch jobs with someone at PAXIO, it’d be Samantha Edeen, Construction Manager. “I have a passion for operations and technical project management having spent 30 years in those roles,” Nelson says. Saying goodbye to some fine, talented coworkers due to the financial impact of the pandemic was challenging for Nelson. Outside of work hours, you can find this self-taught, avid golfer on the links every weekend. He leans on PAXIO’s “family first” culture to balance work and life. Nelson has gained a deep appreciation for dedication, hard work, and PAXIO’s commitment to creating a culture and environment to which everyone feels connected. He has worked alongside “some of the finest and caring people I have ever met in my 30-year career in the technology space.”

PAXIO is lucky to have you, Nelson!

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