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PAXIO is a modem-free solution connecting each user to the Internet directly via Ethernet. Rarely, should the network go down, PAXIO will work diligently to bring the network back up as quickly as possible.
Troubleshoot Equipment

However, most of the time that a customer reports an Internet outage, it is not the result of the PAXIO network being down, but rather some issue with the customer’s equipment. Therefore, when a customer experiences an Internet outage, we recommend that the customer first attempt to troubleshoot their equipment by following these instructions before calling PAXIO to report an outage:

  1. Check the power to all equipment to be sure everything is firmly connected, and that all equipment is powered up

  2. If there is no power to your equipment, check to make sure the Outlet in your wall is active and providing power

    a: Try another electrical device to confirm that power is flowing from this Outlet

  3. If it is not, confirm that this Outlet is not connected to a light switch that controls the flow of power to the jack

    a. If this is the case, select a different outlet that is not controlled by a light switch

    b. If you have no alternative be sure that the light switch is switched to the “on” position

  4. Check that all the connections are secure and tight to all Internet equipment

Troubleshoot Wireless Solution

To troubleshoot your wireless router:

Often Internet outages are the result of problems with the customer’s wireless router. Sometimes a wireless router can arbitrarily drop IP addresses and as a result anything plugged into it will lose its Internet connection.

  1. Unplug the power to your router and wait 30 seconds

  2. Plug the power cord back into router

  3. Restart any equipment connected to the wireless router, including your computer
    b. If you have no alternative be sure that the light switch is switched to the “on” position.

  4. Attempt to connect to the Internet

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Note to our hi-speed (100 Mbps+) customers:

Remember that you need a gigabit rated equipment (router, switch, network connection to computer etc.) if you are attempting to get speeds in excess of 100 Mbps. For example, if your router is not gigabit rated then you will be unable to obtain these speeds regardless of what the PAXIO network is providing to you. Also, be aware that even gigabit rated routers rarely push wireless speeds faster than 200 Mbps, so if you are seeking the fastest speeds possible use your Ethernet cable directly into your gigabit rated router or directly into the wall. If your desired service is greater than 100 Mbps, please confirm that you have gigabit rated equipment (router, network connection etc.), and if you do not please obtain them. They can be found at retail stores such as Best Buy or other similar vendors.