Speed Test

Not quite sure what speed your current internet service is providing? Run a speed test to find out.

Need more information? We are here to help. At PAXIO we are dedicated to providing our customers with the information you need to make the best decision for your home or organization. Below are additional educational resources on PAXIO and fiber internet.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Is The CPE?

    The CPE, Customer Premise Equipment, is the device that is installed in your home for fiber installations. Some customers are connected to fiber via in-home copper wiring and will not have a CPE.

    The CPE is a grey box with 3 lights located on the top panel and is located in your wire center.

    What do the 3 lights mean on top?

    Top – Power

    Middle – is glass

    Bottom – is ethernet

    Do all of the lights need to be green?

    The top 2 lights (Power and Glass) should always be green. The Middle Light (Glass) should always be blinking (blink indicates activity).

    The bottom light will vary depending on your internet package; if it’s green, you’re on the 250MBPS – 1GBPS.

    If it’s orange then your internet speed package is at or below 100 Mbps.

    If it’s not lighting up, there is no device connected to the ethernet cable attached to the CPE.

    Please ensure that the ethernet cable is plugged into the next piece of equipment (router, switch, etc.). If the cable is securely plugged into the second piece of equipment there may be an outage in your area. Please call (408)385-9378 or email us at

  • How Do I Know Whether PAXIO Serves My Area?

    We currently serve: Berkeley, Emeryville, San Leandro, Oakland, Santa Clara, and San Jose. We are excited to serve Hayward as well in late 2024. Please use the “Check Availability” option on our site to see if service is available in your area.

  • Why Is My Internet Speed Slow?

    There are at least eight factors that could be slowing down your high-speed internet service:

    Age of your computer: Some older devices may need additional memory to get the best speeds.

    Distance: The speed you experience is affected by the distance from your computer to a website, as well as the path, speed and capacity of the website’s connection to your network.

    Obstructions: Where is your Wi-Fi gateway located? Walls containing studs, metal pipes and glass surfaces can all cause noticeable slowdowns.

    Popular websites: The problem may not be on your end. It could be the result of an overloaded website.

    Viruses: If you have any viruses or unnecessary software running in your computer’s background, it may reduce the amount of processing power and speed available for data from the internet.

    Software: Your computer might need updated software, such as an operating system patch.

    # of Devices: If there are a lot of devices connected at the same time you may see a slow down on your internet speed.

    Internet Equipment: Your router or equipment may not be gig rated. If you’re trying to get above 100 Mbps speed your equipment may need to be replaced.

    What you can do:

    Reduce the number of connected devices, reset your router, reboot your computer, clear your cache and run fewer applications.

    We recommend you plug your computer directly into the wire center, restart your computer then rerun your speed tests. This eliminates the router or second piece of equipment as the cause of slowness and gives you true speed test results over your fiber.

  • Why Can't I Reach Certain Sites?

    There are a number of reasons why a site may not be reached or may timeout.

    Here’s a list of troubleshooting steps:

    1. Restart your router and computer

    2. Try different browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) to see if you’re still having the same issue (it may be a browser issue)

    3. Plug your computer directly into the ethernet cable that is from your wire center (or see How to Plug your Computer directly to the CPE for fiber customers)

    4. Check the browser’s connection settings. If your browser was set to connect through a proxy, you may be experiencing connection issues. Check your connection settings and disable the proxy server to see if the issue is resolved

    If you’re still having issues reaching certain sites email us at with the traceroute for the sites you can’t reach.

  • Why am I Not Getting Gig-rated Speed?

    Remember that you need gigabit-rated equipment (router, switch, the network connection to computer etc.) if you are attempting to get speeds in excess of 100 Mbps. For example, if your router is not gigabit rated then you will be unable to obtain these speeds regardless of what the PAXIO network is providing to you.

    Also, be aware that even gigabit-rated routers rarely push wireless speeds faster than 200 Mbps, so if you are seeking the fastest speeds possible use your Ethernet cable directly into your gigabit-rated router or directly into the wall.

    If your desired service is greater than 100 Mbps, please confirm that you have gigabit-rated equipment (router, network connection etc.) and if you do not please obtain them. They can be found at retail stores such as Best Buy or other similar vendors.

  • Why Can't I Connect my Modem/Modem Router to PAXIO?

    Modems and modem routers do not work with our equipment.

    PAXIO is a modem-free solution connecting each user to the Internet directly via Ethernet.

    How do I know if my router is a modem router?

    If you are using a router that was previously a previous carrier or you can look up the name and model number of your router and it will state that it’s a modem router.

    For example, the below router would not work with our service:

    NETGEAR – Dual-Band N600 Router with 8 x 4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem