PAXIO Fair Use Policy

Standard and Professional Office rate plans are subject to a 95th percentile Fair Use Policy.

PAXIO samples the amount of data transferred on a customer’s port(s) every 5 minutes and uses that value to derive a data rate in megabits per second (Mbps) for each 5 minute interval.  Over the course of a customer’s monthly billing cycle, around 8000 of these samples are taken.  These values are then ranked by percentile and the value that falls on the 95th percentile will be the customer’s fair use, and what the customer is billed for.  If this value exceeds the customer’s established “Fair Usage” rate for two consecutive months, then PAXIO will require the customer to upgrade to the  next higher level of service.  PAXIO will never back charge customers for over use, but will charge for upgraded services under this policy.

Generally, the higher a customer’s “Fair Usage” rate, the lower their per-Mbps cost, allowing for reasonable scalability in the purchase of additional bandwidth through plan upgrades.   For normal business traffic patterns, this method provides a value that is fair to both PAXIO and the customer in terms of service delivered to the customer and PAXIO’s ability to scale its infrastructure to meet customer needs over time.

The Fair Usage speed should not be confused with the speed of the service.  All service levels allow for bursting to 1Gbps at any time.  This means that whenever a download or upload is taking place the customer has the benefit of a full gigabit pipe.  Professional Office Level 7 allows for bursting to 10Gbps.