PAXIO Employee Spotlight: Arnold Morris

Let’s get to know Arnold Morris, Sales Manager. Arnold describes the company as future-proof, innovative, and essential. When he’s not growing his career in fiber sales, Arnold likes to have fun with his family, watch sports (go Lakers!), and nurture a vegan, yoga-centric lifestyle. PAXIO’s fast-paced growth challenges Arnold as he balances new projects and learns new systems, but he says the competitive compensation and work/life balance make those challenges worth striving for.

Arnold has access to and support from both OSP and ISP managers, whose guidance lead to a well-earned promotion to Sales Manager. If Arnold could switch with someone in the company, he would choose Jose Valdez (Director of Client Services) “because he is well-versed on all aspects within the company.” PAXIO’s unique high-speed fiber and the lack of commission cap drew Arnold to PAXIO originally, and “it has only gotten better with plans to extend our coverage to more of the Bay Area,” he says.

During his time at PAXIO, Arnold has gained a deep knowledge of fiber internet, as well as some valuable networking, management, and project management skills. Arnold’s favorite project has been working with dark fiber and data centers. He finds a sense of personal fulfillment in helping local businesses be more productive. “It feels great knowing we are helping businesses stay up and running during this pandemic. Working at PAXIO feels like a family atmosphere.”

We’re glad you’re part of the family, Arnold.

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