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San Leandro Fiber Internet Provider

Whether you’re interested in faster speeds, a more reliable connection, or a better customer experience than your current broadband ISP provides, we’re here to help. PAXIO has been setting the new standard for consistent, high-speed internet in the Bay Area for almost two decades.

We deliver dedicated internet connections through fiber-optic internet options for individual residences, apartment complexes, small businesses, and enterprise office spaces in San Leandro, CA.

San Leandro’s growing business presence, youth population and tech-savvy renters all share one thing: a need for blazing fast internet download and upload speeds. A PAXIO connection provides direct fiber connections to your entire business or building, with up to gigabit speeds available based on your specific needs. Enjoy seamless connectivity and virtually no network downtimes with ultra-reliable and powerful fiber optic internet service from PAXIO.

Work with us to complete our vision of connecting every resident and business in the Bay Area with state-of-the-art dedicated fiber optic internet.

  • Dedicated Fiber Connection
  • Symmetric Upload & Download
  • First-Class Customer Service
  • Net Neutral
  • No Throttling or Data Caps
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  • Enterprise Businesses

    Designed for large businesses in San Leandro that require consistent high speeds to increase productivity and improve business functions. Our Professional Office plan is a full-featured package powered by dedicated fiber optic infrastructure.

    Enterprise businesses with their own campuses can enroll directly in our Professional Office plans and services to help their companies stay connected, competitive, and successful.

    Businesses with our Professional Office plan benefit from:

    • 24 Hour Support
    • 100% SLA
    • Cloud Optimization
    • Priority Routing
    • Dedicated IP Allocation

    Enterprise clients also have the option to enroll in PAXIO’s Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Dark Fiber services for networking between multiple locations or data centers.

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  • Office Managers & Developers

    While Silicon Valley may be home to many technology and software companies, those same companies are looking to expand into other cities in the Bay Area. Many are looking to San Leandro for work-life balance, better office options, and more cost-effective workforces.

    Office managers and developers looking for an edge when attracting new leasees have to compete with business amenities of all kinds – and there’s no better way to entice a new startup than with extremely fast, dedicated fiber internet connections for every suite in your building.

    Offices and business parks that work with PAXIO benefit from:

    • 24 Hour Support
    • Priority Routing
    • Dedicated IP Allocation
    • Ethernet Private Line Options
    • Dark Fiber Options

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  • Apartment Buildings & Housing Developments

    PAXIO is committed to connecting the entire Bay Area to high-fidelity fiber internet. Our residential fiber optic network is growing in San Leandro, providing the most bandwidth and highest speeds available.

    San Leandro is quickly becoming one of the most competitive housing markets in the East Bay. Attracting reliable, long-term tenants often requires the best internet access available, especially with the growing number of remote workers. Dedicated fiber-optic internet is unmatched in providing high-speed, reliable internet to homes and apartments.

    Give your tenants and buyers ISP benefits like:

    • Dedicated Internet Connection
    • Net Neutral Internet Access
    • No Throttling or Data Caps
    • Seamless 4k Streaming
    • Lag-free Gaming
    • & More

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