6 Reasons Your Business Should Switch To PAXIO

The internet has become a part of the daily lives of millions around the globe. Every aspect of your business depends on it, and in today’s internet-driven era, the need for scalability and speed to transmit large volumes of data is essential. However, the copper your business internet is running on is reaching its bandwidth limitations and it’s infrastructure is becoming obsolete. So how do you make sure your business can withstand the technology demands of today and the future?

​The answer is Fiber. A fiber-optic Internet connection can increase your speed, bandwidth, and security, making it an easy way to improve your business. Making the switch to PAXIO’s state-of-the-art fiber optic internet and data services can benefit your business and help you stay ahead of the competition. Here are the top 6 reasons your business should switch to PAXIO today.

You have probably heard us mention this before, but we can’t say it enough. Fiber is the Future. As your business increasingly counts on the web in day-to-day operations, you’re sending and receiving more data, which can overwhelm your bandwidth and slow your productivity to a crawl. And it’s only going to get worse as more apps, services, and technology put demands on aging infrastructure. Designed to support both small business and enterprise organizations, PAXIO dedicated fiber gives you the fastest possible connection, virtually unlimited capacity and reliability for decades to come – making PAXIO a future proof solution.

Most Business Internet connections use copper wiring, which is simply not as reliable as fiber optic cables. Copper connections can be affected by many different factors including power lines, electromagnetic interference, and lightning. PAXIO fiber is unaffected by any of these factors because it transmits data using photons as opposed to electrons like copper. In addition, with your cable Internet service, proximity impacts the strength of your signal. Computers and other equipment that are set up further from the switch will have a weaker signal compared to closer equipment. With PAXIO, your signal doesn’t degrade as quickly over long distances, or share frequencies with other devices that can create interference – giving you the piece-of-mind you need to run your business successfully.

While you may not know where your business will be in 20 years, preparing for growth is essential. Fiber internet allows for scalability, thus providing you an easy way to grow your business. PAXIO’s Professional Office service plans offer scalable, high speed, symmetric Internet access that fit your needs now and the future. The plans include priority routing, redundant up-links, and Internet access up to 10 gigabits per second. With PAXIO Dark Fiber, tech-savvy businesses that are looking for unrestricted capacity between locations, can connect offices and data centers at your choice of speed.

Cost Effective
Fiber optic networks may have larger upfront costs, but as technology improves, installation costs continue to decrease. No matter what, it certainly is a smart investment in the long run. Fiber optic cables are much more reliable and offer better durability – thus typically costing much less to maintain, have less downtime and require less networking hardware. Over time, cooper can degrade, which can make switching to fiber a better ROI for your business than keeping or installing outdated technology. With PAXIO, customers can save through longer term contracts or go month-to-month. Our service plans offer ultimate features and benefits, including unlimited data, no throttling, and burstable symmetrical speeds at competitive prices.

Increased Security
Since you cannot interfere with a fiber optic cable without actually cutting into the line, fiber optic connections are far more secure than copper or cable Internet. Fiber cables are made up of glass and it’s impossible to hack the data signal in transit. Switching to fiber-optic connectivity will increase network security for your business. This is a very important consideration to ensure your business, and your customer’s information is safe. PAXIO’s Ethernet Private Line and Dark Fiber services provide your business complete security, with a secure, private, physical connection.

Dedicated Fiber
As we mentioned in last month’s blog, dedicated fiber is just that – completely dedicated to your business and ONLY your business. PAXIO dedicated fiber connects from the property all the way out to the data hub where it then connects to the fiber backbone. Each dedicated customer has their own connection and bandwidth that isn’t shared with any other business.

As you can see, making the switch to PAXIO dedicated fiber will not only benefit your business now, but well into the future. Contact us today to find out if service for your business is available in your area.

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