PAXIO Fiber Highlights

PAXIO is leading the way in fiber optic high‐speed residential broadband services by delivering up to 10 Gigabit Dedicated Fiber Internet. Our network provides the most bandwidth and the fastest residential services available in the country! All service levels include symmetrical (same upload and download) speeds to your home.

  • No Contracts (month-to-month terms)
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Change Speeds at Any Time
  • No Data Caps!
  • Same upload and download speeds (symmetric service)
  • 100% Dedicated Fiber Optic Network
  • Net Neutral
  • No Installation or Connection Costs
  • Local Techs & Customer Service Representatives


A Dedicated Fiber Optic Cable will be installed directly into your home at no cost to you. We work directly with you to ensure you know what is happening from start to finish. Typically the process of connecting a home takes no more than a week. 

Getting connected is a simple process:​

  1. Exterior Installation- One of our crews will carry out outside work on your property in order to physically connect your home to the fiber network that runs down your street.
  2. Connection Visit- We’ll meet you at your home to install the internal equipment and get your connection up and running.

Future Proof your Internet

Fiber has virtually unlimited bandwidth. The amount of data being generated and transferred is growing exponentially each year. Fiber cables provide 1,000 times more bandwidth capacity than copper. 

Service Levels and Pricing: 
250 Mbps   $69.50
1 Gbps      $89.50
10 Gbps      $495 + $500 equipment
Taxes and fees not included.

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